Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Travel Schmavel

Where to start... I was *meant* to be leaving Glasgow yesterday at 6am and arriving in New Orleans (via Schipol and Detroit) mid afternoon.

So we waited for four hours at Glasgow, which meant I'd missed my intercontinental connection after we'd been airborne for 40 minutes.

Then they stacked us above Schipol for another *long* time, I lost track at that point!

Then I queued for 2hrs to be seen at the transfer desk, to get re-booked. Before I even got to the front of the queue we were told to go straight to the gate, where there was an agonising wait of about another 30 mins before I found out if there was a seat or not.

Luckily there was, but on arrival in Detroit there was no connection, and another *slow* queue so I hung around the airport all night, and I should be flying this morning to New Orleans via Memphis.

Which I'll believe when it happens.

Underdo Looses

John McCain apparently said this..

"I'm very happy with where we are," he said before voting. "We always do best when I'm a bit of an underdog."
Ooops, I'd hate to see you do badly then.

Have a Quote-of-the-Election award.

I know nothing, I'm not a fortune teller, and you'd be insane to think that I am. This disclaimer was cribbed from an email footer I once received. It is so ridiculous I had to have it for myself.

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