Friday, February 27, 2009

Ipod ssh

Request from Jim (See This previous Post)

Does anyone out there know if you can use one of those gprs/3g USB modem dongles with an Ipod, and if so how?

If he could get it to work he could base himself in the pub and eschew the office altogether, which could only be a good thing for everyone ;-)

teeny weenie server WLTM teeny weenie client

Hi all, it was my birthday the other day & my nearest & dearest bought me an HP mini note 2133. Linux version which comes with SUSE 10.

Then colleague X (call him Jim) came to work with an ssh client on his Ipod, so we had to do it.
The photo shows a user on the ipod logged into their account on the mini note.

I suspect this is far from the most compact client-server set up ever seen, but we think its cool.
(note to self, expire Jims account, this whole thing could just be a ploy to circumvent my security arrangements ;-)

I'll probably blog more about my frustration at not being able to install ubuntu without downgrading the firmware, my inability to downgrade same, and the pain of trying to get enlightenment DR16 working (themes don't render) in the fullness of time.

But lets end on a high note. Its very cool looking, even the mac fanboys in the office were impressed, the screen and keyboard are honestly useable, Gnome is friendly, having many viewports (using the cube, which I also like) is a great boon on a small device.

Monday, February 16, 2009

psst ... php contract in london if you're interested?

My Sis & her partner are looking for an experienced PHP programmer to complete a contract, having been let down by a supplier. They're based in London, you should be too. Rates are likely to be standard, the projects they do are interesting.

This one is related to diffusion shareables They say that the person will be...

building a WSIWYG interface for inserting text and images and sending the content to the FPDF (or similar) PDF generating software to impose the content correctly and generate the shareables.
The deadline is the end of March so if you're interested you'd better let me know ASAP.

Leave a comment with you email address if you're interested, alternatively email me if you can find my address :-)

note to self.... evaluate this says..

CubicTest is a graphical Eclipse plug-in for writing Selenium and Watir tests.

Which sounds cool. As I'm using both eclipse and selenium at the moment I must remember to try it out.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Birthday Bowling

Birthday Bowling
I just like this one.
It was taken last September.
We went bowling for his birthday.
I took my camera.
The place was big and gloomy so that any flash made it look like a cave.
I turned it off, and the pictures came to life.
I have some more to upload.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

antidisestablishmentarianism award

The Church of England Synod voted the other day to ban priests from belonging to the british national party.

I would hate to think that any would be able to reconcile their christianity with an organisation predicated on prejudice, however that aside it does represent the involvement of the Church in secular politics.

For which they receive the antidisestablishmentarianism award.

I wonder if there's an award for using the English language's longest word properly?

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