Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Cynicism is dead, long live over-enthusiasm!

Our department had an initiative to promote team building and morale, and to cut a long story short one of the things we thought would be fun(!) and help to achieve our goal would be to have a lighthearted occasional competition between teams. Small prize. Possibly some charitable activity, where we can work it in.
The inaugural event was to be for home made christmas decorations, Systems-Development having traditionally fallen, scrooge like, well below company standards in this annual nonsense.

Little did any of us imagine the heights of enthusiasm and the total lack of dignity or taste which the competitive spirit would evoke! Not content with making paper chains out of documentation (yes we *did* have some!) some of the teams have gone to extremes in their search for glory. So to record their efforts for posterity, before tomorrow's judging and awards ceremony, here are some photos...

The Front Line Support (FLS) Grotto:

The e-Business Services Winter Wonderland:


Anonymous said...

As Moses would - Jesus!

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