Thursday, March 08, 2007

Eat Land Bass - and save the Red Squirrel

We were eating Sea Bass last night, well ok the night before, but I didn't get round to posting this yesterday, and I wondered why it always insisted on the formal "Sea Bass" and didn't just let us call it "Bass".
Nikki quickly let me know that this is because there are Freshwater Bass, and I couldn't help feeling that it was a cruel fate that denied the existence of "Land Bass".

I intend to right that wrong.

From henceforth the Grey Squirrel shall be known as the Land Bass. Perhaps that will go some way to encourage more schoolchildren to eat them, a pastime encouraged by Lord Inglewood, who thinks Jamie Oliver should champion the cause.


Anonymous said...

This is as strange a concept as the Anglesey red squirrel webcam; a webcam which features both red and grey squirrels, but is filmed in black and white... or similar.

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