Thursday, September 27, 2007

$100 laptop get one give one...

The BBC reported on Monday that the $100 laptop project will be selling some in the developed world, with each sale also funding a machine to be donated to a child in a least developed country.

I found the picture here.

Great idea, I know that there have been many times when a laptop which could allow me to connect to my email and ... "has no moving parts, can be powered by solar, foot-pump or pull-string powered chargers and is housed in a waterproof case" would be a godsend in a world full of of short battery life and unstable coffee cups. What's more the display is readable in sunlight. Coo.

Perhaps they should think about raising funds by selling some of the components to developed world laptop owners, a mechanical charger would go down as a shrewd investment in the Angus household where we tend to buy cheaper laptops, don't upgrade the batteries and keep them long after they've passed their best.

Having said all that Nikki takes delivery of her "cough cough" birthday present from me tomorrow, the gorgeous pretender to the macbook's throne the Dell XPS m1330. A red one natch. And no, we haven't gone for the big battery!


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