Wednesday, November 07, 2007

User Servicable Parts Inside

I've taken delivery of a new Dell XPS m1330 for the New Job, its much the same as the one I bought Nikki, and I like it. In fact I love it.

But probably the most impressive thing about it is the Big Manual it comes with, and the fact that about 1/3rd of it is devoted to instructions, with pictures, for taking the thing apart and putting it back together again.

Given the number of times I've had to figure out how to dismantle notebooks to remove crud from the keyboard or apply some glue to busted connection sockets, and given the fact that I always have bits left over, this is hopefully an omen that this notebook will survive "danny-world" for a long time.

Notebook users... Is this a general practice these days? Or is Dell breaking new ground here?


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