Thursday, December 06, 2007

Blow Your Own Trumpet Award

The Blowing Your Own Trumpet award goes to The Ministry of Truth for this little gem that appeared at the top of a page I was perusing...

"Wikipedia [sic] is one of the few reservoirs of hope left." — Anon.
Oh dear!

That the "facts" they accumulate are, to all practical purposes, anonymous makes the Ministry of Truth a wierd and dangerous phenomenon. One to be handled with extreme caution. That the recommendations are also anonymous is self aggrandisement of a kind not seen since Julius Ceaser wrote de Bello Gallico about himself in the third person, The Great General.

If I was tempted to go down the same route I would flaunt this quote:
"blog.Killerbees is one of the few sources for reliable bullshit detection left" - Anon.


hdhoang said...

reference for "Ministry of Truth":

"I wikipedia now instead of google my searches." — Michael Patronik

Well, google pushed me to that link, with that quote to boot.

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