Wednesday, December 17, 2008

eth1 Slammin' Top Tip for starting busy webservers

Much like many others of you we run servers which accept http connections on one eth and make db connections on another. In this case eth0 faces out and eth1 faces in to the db zone.

Sounds reasonable? In fact I suggest that you should put them the other way round.
We get alerts when web requests fail because of a lack of db connection, its meant to let us know when the db connections are running out.

But today colleague x executed a graceful restart of the networking on a busy web server, you can tell whats coming can't you...

Yes... eth0 starts first, processes try to connect through eth1 before its up, hundreds of errors LoL!

So in future, eth0 shall face in-the-way, so that the route to the db is available before we open the front door to the hordes of christmas shoppers.

So remember, at xmas the rule is:- eth0 lan eth1 internet


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