Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Imperial War Museum

Coo, we just got back from the imperial war museum where we not only saw a WW1 tank, which was smaller than I expected, a massive and excellent display of all things WW1 & WW2, and an enigma machine,

but also Lawrence of Arabia's Brough Superior. What more could you ask for from an afternoon at a museum?


Dave said...

is that the one he crashed on?

Unknown said...

good question Dave! ...(thinks)... according the the internet... yes!... the ministry of truth[1] says this:
" It is currently on display at the Imperial War Museum in London."
But I tend to avoid believing anything I read there so refer you to this article instead. Which, helpfully, has a photo!

Dave said...

it does have a photo, which looks a little different, and its a Beaulieu, or was at the time of publishing...
you can never really be sure of the truth, even if you were there at the time.
I think they call it the uncertainty principle...

Unknown said...

ah yes, uncertainty can have indeterminate effects, but I believe the bike is on loan, and it has the same reg no, which may mean nothing of course.
I know my photo isn't too great but when I looked at both pictures I think you can make out the same dent in the lower exhaust pipe in both, but ... 2 minutes with a hammer and bobs your uncle.

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