Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Marvin the martian

I was accused at Apachecon EU a year or two ago by Steve of relying on "architect tools" i.e. visio, powerpoint etc., instead of programmer tools, (like what? emacs!) For which he proposed a test framework here.

Well today I was discussing some of the finer points of separation of concerns with the guys and had cause to exhume (and re-label for php) a diagram I drew a couple of years ago for a former employer to illustrate the layering in our java systems to an interested, but unenlightened group of Oracle developers.

It would be a good test case for Steve's framework, because it has to be a particular shape, no matter what information it has to convey.

I could plead that I drew it first then recognised the shape, but I won't bother because life's too short.

Colleague Ed suggested it should be recorded for posterity so here is the original Java version...


Unknown said...


Dave said...

you could have shown the php one though...
and you relying too much on architect tools?
I recall you growling 'model-based-development' any time i so much as thought OMG...!
(or UML)

Unknown said...

the php one was a hack! Its basically the same, but PHP Doctrine replaces hibernate, mysqli replaces jdbc, smarty replaces tapestry, and the spring/ ejb & servlet bit is replaced by generic "business logic" and "MVC controller". Its no patch on the original ;-)

Newbie said...

Great representation of software architecture. This is definitely a model that will come in handy.

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