Friday, June 01, 2007

Find music like ... (help!)

== Further Update ==
It has moved!
== UPDATE ==
I found it 5 Months later!
Its called musicplasma and its here I guarantee you hours of fascination.
I also found music-map, but musicplasma is nicer, nicer to look at *and* more informative, and it now also has a movie search.
== d. ==

I used a website a while ago which let you type a band name in to a box,
then displayed a picture with circles, each a with a band or artist in it
related to the one you searched for.
If you clicked on one it became the centre. I think there were links at
the side to albums you could buy, from Amazon perhaps?

Can I find it again? (no obviously) Can you help? Please...


kryton said...

I know the service you are talking about, cnet used it for a while.

if they used amazon's API, check the amazon api blog.. it might have been showcased a while back

Anonymous said...

I know exactly the thing you mean. I've spent a while trying to work it out. All I can remember is that I think the domain begins with a G - that doesn't really help in Google though.

Unknown said...

Thanks anyway guys! :-/

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