Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Dear Mr. W.U.I.P.R.T.T.M.A.M.S.O.C. Facilities

Niq pointed out an online government petition against changes in the Highway Code.

I looked at the list of signatories and was suprised to find someone calling himself "when u isiots[sic] pay road tax then moan about money spent on cycle facilities".

I'd like to put the record straight and publish an open letter to Mr. Facilities:

Dear My Facilities,
a) I do pay road tax (which, by the way, isn't all spent on roads), and council tax, and income tax, and a whole bloody lot of other taxes as well. I'm not just a cyclist I'm a functioning member of society.
b) I'm not moaning about money spent on cycle facilities, I'm moaning about the Highway Code, and my right to use the road.
c) You isiot, you just signed the petition.


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