Wednesday, May 09, 2007

New Lifts!

For some time now my colleagues (including the ones who made those xmas decorations!) and I have taken our lives in our hands when using the lifts. They creak rumble and twang alarmingly and the probability of being trapped in one increases with the frequency of breakdowns.

However a mail just came round ...

"Our Landlord has now finally agreed a programme to upgrade the passenger lifts. The works will commence on the 17th May and will not be complete until the end of February 2008. Each of the lifts will be taken out of service for approximately 9 weeks at a time for the upgrade so this will obviously have an impact on waiting times and I would ask for your patience during this time ."

So, one fewer lifts between now and next February. Time to get a desk on the ground floor I think. Or use the stairs of course. I hope the new ones are like the ones in the Apachecon Hotel.


Of course as someone just pointed out the Movenpick lifts made us use a swipe card, and no I don't fancy that at all, its bad enough having to use a proximity card every time I go through a door in here without the lifts joining in.
And come to think of if the movenpick lifts weren't the fastest in the world either. At least the lifts we have now are fairly quick, in the down hill direction at least. ;-)


Anonymous said...

I hope you are joking about the apacehcon lifts, if I have to use a swipe card to get a damned lift to move again I'm going to explode. Seems to be a thing in dutch lifts the Barbizon (overflow hotel for the 1st) had one too.

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