Friday, August 03, 2007

Do a lot more interesting stuff with your iSight camera

I'm not a mac owner [cries of "shame" and "boo"] nor do I have an iPhone, iPod, an iSight camera or iLaunch, but I know a lot of you do own some of these things, so when I got in touch with a long-lost friend yesterday and he told me he'd been doing this including a thing called IRIS I thought I'd pass it along.
Find out more about IRIS here, including downloads, according to the blog:

Iris is a kind of “Photo Booth on Steroids”, that allows you to do a lot more interesting stuff with your iSight camera.

Features include:

  • Snapshot mode, with core image filtering.
  • Movie mode
  • TimeLapse Movie mode
  • Security mode, with motion detection and email alerting.
  • WebCam mode
  • A built-in Gallery, with email, send to flickr, and export options. iPod, AppleTV, and iPhone export are supported.


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