Tuesday, August 14, 2007

scoes woes - or "I own the internet"

Most of the reports of SCO's defeat in court I've seen have mentioned the share price, as did Fitz, but Ars Technica also makes this point

"SCO's biggest windfall since the start of its legal fiasco has been UNIX licensing revenue collected from Microsoft and Sun, much of which is rightfully owed to Novell under the terms of the 1995 Asset Purchase Agreement."

Does this mean SCO can expect a letter from Novell's lawyers, can M$ and Sun take SCO to court for scamming them with the protection racket, or will SCO just get to keep the money?

If its the latter, then I'm afraid you owe me a fiver for using the internet. I'm currently in dispute with some other people about whether or not I really own it, but if you are concerned about the risk to your business should I be successful (and when I am I won't look kindly on anyone who gets on the wrong side of me at this stage) you can ensure that you are covered, legally, by paying me the modest one-off licence fee. Put your £5 in a brown envelope and leave it at Glasgow Central Station, under the bench beside the lift on platform 13.


Unknown said...

SCO has less money than they owe Novell, so the next step is to kill it off via Chapter 11 / 7 etc, in order for Novell to get its cash back, and go after SCO's executives for the 10+ millions left over.

I'd guess that it will be in SCO's exec's interests to cooperate, and produce whatever evidence there is to prove Microsoft orchestrated the whole scam. The next lawsuit, the one against Microsoft, is where IBM and everyone else gets back their money, and some relief.

If they play it right, Microsoft will be done by the end of it, and Ballmer and Gates in jail.

Anonymous said...

robilad, if your prediction will become reality I will vote for you as the next Nostradamus.

IMHO there is no jail in the world that will contain Gates money. Well, unless we consider the world a jail itself.

Few money don't do anything, but many money will change the false in true and viceversa.

Unknown said...

The great thing about money is that it can be transfered with relative ease. If Microsoft turns out to be behind it all with evidence to prove it, they'll be in a very weak position. A lot of people will find a lot of reasons to encourage them to transfer some of their money to others, be it through legal action, be it through sweet talk.

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