Wednesday, September 26, 2007

What Americans Think of Scotland.

Americans (Note that google maps confuses America with the Whole World.) in a recent survey about Scotland (Not the whole world according to google.) had this to say:

Students identified Scotland as a backward, old-fashioned, rural country.
Some questioned whether the internet had reached Scotland.
Even among the general American public, knowledge of Scotland was mixed.
They said the rural landscape and history had strong appeal, but still referred to a “backward” lifestyle, suspecting no modern technology such as computers andmicrowaves existed in the home.

God bless America! To be perfectly honest I have tried to have a home free from microwaves and computers, and TV if it comes to that, but it just ain't happening.

"Progress", it would seem, is not pick-and-mix, and by opening the door to microwaved scrambled eggs I opened the door to microwavable-meals, and by choosing to shop online I opened the door to facebook, bebo, myspace, you tube, msn, aim, etc. etc. and lets face it social networking is a weird and lonely world compared to cooking a meal for your friends.


Anonymous said...

Good to know that America-bashing never goes out of style.

Unknown said...

It never will, but at least I'm just laughing at a ridiculous survey, not planting bombs.

Anonymous said...

It could be worse; if Trainspotting were as popular as The Simpsons, then the archetypical Scotsman would be Begbie.

Americans as a group are no more/less ignorant than Scots as a group. That is, if you asked Scots their impressions of America, there would be plenty to shake your head or laugh at.

Anyway, come on over. My experience is that Scots are universally welcomed here in the USA, and you'll quickly find out 'merkins aren't as dumb as they're sometimes made out to be.

TESTE said...

Just a comment favouring Google Maps: it locates "America" just perfectly.

America is the continent, not the United States of.

Michael Bernstein said...

That said, it does the right thing for 'south america', but not 'north america'.

Anonymous said...

kinda funny seeing how it was a Scot that started the world wide web

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