Friday, September 04, 2009

Best error message of the [specify timeperiod]

I suppose the svn logs would allow us to discover exactly who should get the credit for this, but this morning I was privileged to witness the first application error message ever to offer me any signs of shame or contrition.

Vista had summarily decided to die during the night, which it does now and again and I think is just an excuse for installing the updates that I've *chosen* to not bother with for now, and when I restarted firefox it showed me the error captured below.

By contrast see the second image, which represents the way we are more usually treated.

Mozilla Dude, whoever you are, have an award for expressing your human emotion, and making me feel valued in the teeth of failure. I hope you start a trend.

(this isn't my screenshot I found it here, but its the same screen)

And now the shamless norm..


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