Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Load Balancing Apache httpd 2

Yes.. hear it here last!
I've been telling everyone I meet about JimJag's stupendous presentation at Apachecon US 08, in which he showed us, in glorious detail, how to use mod_proxy properly and mod_proxy_balancer.

I was impressed, and so have those who've also seen the slides.

Now its your chance, I recommend reading Jim's slides here.

If you have real life experience of using mod_proxy_balancer, let us know if he oversold it, or if it rocks your world. I *still* haven't had time to use it in for real yet.


Anonymous said...

You'll want to update last year's presentation to add the new clustering support: heartbeat/heartmonitor stuff. Or was that already mentioned a year ago?

Blogking said...
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