Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Dumbest use of [specify thing] of the [specify timeperiod] award

I just signed up for an account at - It should be aggregating my blog and my flickr photo feeds into one stream.
But no the award isn't for that.

However it did make me think what else I could aggregate, and I remembered that I could get feeds from Gmail labels.
So with all the talk about how much we could be doing with atom I felt that this award should remind us that technology is no better than the people who use it...

... The award goes to Google for Gmail's atom feed from the spam folder. :-) LoL.

If you have a gmail account check this out for the 100% most worthless use of atom...


Anonymous said...

What about anti-spam folks who want to get a feel for what Google's spam filters find?

If they all do Atom right, they can sign up a bunch of people's gmail accounts (to get a cross-section of spam), and aggregate (eliminating duplicates), and get a free feed of what gmail considers spam to use for their own nefarious purposes.

(Sorry, didn't mean to snark on your award, which is an excellent idea!)

Unknown said...

Tuh! Ok I should've known someone'd have a use for it. I guess its only 90% useless then ;-)

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