Thursday, June 07, 2007


Half Life 2 City 17 Train Station
God knows how much money we spend on real buildings but according to this creating buildings in games (yes games) apparently isn't cheap either... "The market for the creation of digital building assets is estimated to be worth up to USD842 million in 2015."

That's the thick end of a billion US dollars spent on people creating empty buildings to go into video games. Yes empty, because they go on to say "The upside market comprising other content such as interiors or cities could extend this market opportunity by an additional USD168-674 million within the same timeframe."

Cor Blimey, what kind of world do we live in? A soon-to-be virtual one I guess.


Justin Mason said...

one really frustrating factor for us open-sores types, is that these creative works are invariably treated as "valuable intellectual property", and therefore kept proprietary...

The next company to come along and create a digital simulacrum of London, NYC, or wherever, has to do it all over again from scratch.

think how much cooler it'd be if those were released under an open source license!

Unknown said...

Wow, one Open source London and many parallel realities for it to feature in. Ken Livingston should host it. I wonder who they'd get to do the logo...

Unknown said...

Danny, are you quoting an online source? What is the URL? I'd like to show that report to someone.

Unknown said...

Sander: its from this:

It doesn't say where they get their figures from though.


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