Monday, January 15, 2007

.. and finally ... how I got it all together (or why is it all so hard?)

The previous post was made from my phone, including picture. Cool huh?
It was way not as easy as it should've been :-(
Step one, send a mail to from my gmail account and claim my blog.
Step two, send a mail from my phone to go@blogger
look for an smtp server to use, o2 or gmail? o2 doesn't seem to work.
what connection to use? try several pre-programmed ones, settle
on the one that actually finds the smtp server.
error "TLS/SSL can't recognize certificate"
Solution, install root certificates in phone. What! This is
getting a bit too far from the path of straighforwardness we should
expect in the 21st century, surely? Anyway, root certs duly found and
cable attached. Cable can;t be used because the certs are just copied
into the removable memory. Good job I have a blue tooth dongle,
bluetooth them across. It works. Try gmail. OMGWTF it works, I receive
a mail and send a mail.
New problem though, too much crap comes into my gmail account I
want to use a quiet account from my phone. So I try setting up mail
for with my google apps which I set up the other day.
It gave me a whole "cyber presence" in minutes (well an hour or so)
which is great because I no longer bother to host my own domain and I
was wondering why I bothered to pay for it, anyway back to the story,
the thing I hadn't done was to create MX records for
pointing at gmail's servers, so I tried that last night and...
easyspace wouldn't accept the gmail mx hostname, I know about the
trailing dot but that didn't work either so I raised a trouble ticket.
Woke up this morning to find that they'd done it by hand for me.
Now I just have to mail to go@blogger and claim it for my blog.
Thats what this post is.

Summary, repect to:

blogger - for
google - for gmail smtp & google apps
sony ericsson - for the k750i having support for TLS in smtp & SSL in POP

Name and shame
sony ericsson - for not pre-installing root certs
02 for not setting their customers up with all this automatically.


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