Friday, January 05, 2007

Did I ever do that? How about searchable commit messages..

While trying out google's blog search, in typical vain vein by searching for myself, I came across a post on Stefan Bodewig's blog in which he says I agreed to modify James' build.xml for Gump.
Erm, I remember the conversation but I didn't remember doing anything about it, don't you just *hate* that, or are you all too organised and too good at remembering stuff?
So of course I checked the svn logs and I had done it, I think I can remember doing it while I was still at Apachecon.
But I had reluctantly reverted to svn only after trying Google code search and discovering that although it is crawling svn repositories it apparently isn't indexing the commit messages, I suppose they'd just have to crawl the output of whetever the svn log command is as well as a GET (assuming they're using WebDAV to crawl svn) so it probably isn't a big deal.

So if you're listening Herr Google, can you add commit messages to the code search?

(P.S. Perhaps they do do that and perhaps our repo has a robots.txt which is stopping them, I never thought of that.)


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