Monday, October 15, 2007

Apple piss on their own Green credentials

Greenpeace have published the results of tests on Apples iPhone. The full report is here.

It doesn't make Apple look good. Worse IMO than the technical aspects of the materials themselves, some of the items highlighted just seem to be dumb, careless, and inexcusably they appear to be avoidable.


...the iPhone's battery was, unusually, glued and soldered in to the handset. This hinders battery replacement and makes separation for recycling, or appropriate disposal, more difficult,...

The fact that a product brought newly to the US market in June 2007 still utilises PVC and brominated flame retardants ... suggests that Apple is not making early progress towards its 2008 commitment to phase-out all uses of these materials...

Oops Apple, what were you thinking?


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