Monday, October 15, 2007

Life in the flock...

Network World has published an interesting article on Gartner's Top 10 Technologies for 2008. (Via Dan Pritchett).

I like these things, but on the whole they don't really tell me much more than awards ceremonies do. Like awards ceremonies I suspect that predictions are, at least in part, about PR for the organisation doing the predicting or awarding.

Gartner can be interesting though, I once heard a Gartner guy (I forget who) speak about the surveys of CEO's and CTO's, as well as reassuring us that you have to apply your own interpretation to what they're saying, he also reckoned that the only thing you could confidently infer from the results is that CEO's are like sheep, with a majority of them sharing the same priorities, and changing their priorities at the same time. Likewise CTO's are out of the loop, their priorities lagging behind CEO's by a year. Lol.

The same guy told us that the majority of companies surveyed were planning to use innovation and new product launches to differentiate themselves. Yikes, how many new products do we need?

However (back to the point) the thing that surprised me about the '08 top 10 was that here@quango X we are currently going all out on variants of 5 of them. Refreshingly there is always chance that the variant we're creating or adopting is a cargo-cult!

Colleagues, see if you can guess which five...


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