Sunday, October 07, 2007

Obvious? You'd think so.

Am I the only one who feels that there is an unreasonable emphaisis on naming things? Surely normal intelligent IT types can see that

1/ The REST idea of making URL's unique references for individual states isn't an invention but
an attempt to undo the subversion of URL's by products which didn't really get the "Unique Location" aspect of URL, or thought it didn't apply to them.

2/ That AJAX is something that a whole load of smart people wanted, and like the victorians waiting for flight to be invented, waited patiently for key things to be put in place. I remember using Javascript "document.write" to build embeddable product advertising and search boxes for clients' affiliate sites as soon as enough people had browsers that supported it.

3/ Am I alone in thinking that Web 2 is nothing new, its www they way we always wanted it to be?

4/ SOA This is Simply the Obvious Answer. It isn't really anything to do with web services (which are a new invention, and a pretty cool one at that) its a pattern which has been around since forever, web services make it cheap, easy and accessable to build discoverable services and to extend the pattern out from within applications through within an enterprise out to between enterprises. But the real use of SOA is as marketing babble.

Two recent posts, this one from Sam, who is always worth listening to, and this widely slated one from Jason Calacanis, who many think isn't.

Sam's one just made me think, Why. Why do people want to redefine things we already understand? (Sam wasn't redefining he was just commenting). In Calacanis' one he seems to attempt to become "the guy who defined web 3", but his definition doesn't really give us a term which is particularly useful, in other words it looks like it's just a marketing word.

So what am I saying? This, I guess; Friends, smart people, technologists, stand up and be counted, its your work which should be lauded not the pigeon holes its put in or the pigeon holers who put it in there. Resist the lure of the techno-blog cult personality, and call a spade a spade not a "Fork 2.0" or a "Soil Transformation Service".


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